Voice Over Payroll

Entertainment Payroll Services

As Payroll in the entertainment industry is a specialized industry in itself that requires specific expertise.   

We can also manage non-union and union payroll for your voice over work as well!

Handling the many details involved in managing SAG and AFTRA payrolls and pensions such as paying all talent and crew, carrying workers compensation and unemployment insurance, and all proper tax withholdings whether either party is filing as a W-2, 1099, or Loan-Out Corporation- you can guarantee that our team of highly trained professionals will adhere to Local, Federal, and State Laws which may also pertain to taxes, health benefits, AND MORE!

Details like withholding, quarterly filing, and all other processing and documentation requirements can be expertly handled with the utmost care and quality deserved, along with all administrative overhead.  As your money management partner, we can better ensure the success of your project- acting as the Employer of Record and providing itemized expense reports which can help bring improved visibility to your budgetary processes, which will result in time and funds to be further used in the creative process!

With the knowledge and required expertise specific to the entertainment industry, GOS is fully conscious of your needs from wage and hourly considerations per union and non-union deal memos to benefit contributions, and even payment to short-term crew members.

We offer Payroll services for:



Our Entertainment Payroll Services include the following:

Convenient Direct Deposit



With our convenient direct payroll deposit service, actors and actresses can be paid on the spot!  Though physical checks remain an option- in this digital age, directly depositing payment into your staff’s checking accounts means zero hassle from those wondering when they’ll be receiving payment for their services.  GOS offers payment processing solutions that are convenient for all concerned, making for a production that runs smoothly and successfully.

Tax Compliance




From regular wage earners to independent contractors and even those with an incorporated status, GOS will have all participating parties covered, with the necessary local, state, and federal taxes filed and proper financial documentation maintained.  Let us handle the administrative burden of Forms W-2 and 1099 while you concentrate on realizing your creative vision!


Feel free to call our Signatory/Payroll number at 323-297-3568 or email office@gardenofsound.com for more information.