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Voice-over is a who you know and who knows you, not a what you know industry.  Many jobs go to the voice actor who knows the producer or who is a customer of the client company.  Often, getting one job creates opportunities for more jobs. It may seem unfair, but producers and clients like to work with people they know, people whom they already know will do a good job. There's a way around this barrier, and we'll talk about it later, but for now here's a hint: voice-overs are about making contacts.

A note about our Workshops and Workouts

All of our classes are for educational purposes only and not a promise of employment by our studio or our guests. Getting feedback on your reads with top industry professionals is intended to assist you in sharpening your skills.

Cancellation Policy for ALL workouts:
We do understand that it is sometimes unavoidable to miss a workshop, however, we regret that we can only offer refunds for 48-hour cancellations.  We cannot put you in another workshop or offer credit within 48 hours of the event or workshop.
However, YOU are more than welcome to fill the spot yourself. You must inform us who will be taking your spot, and we will welcome them!
There are times when we may have a waiting list, and if that is the case, we will give you the contact info of the other actor and it is up to you to contact them.
Please understand that we had to begin this policy in order to keep our costs down.  Thank you for understanding and we look forward to supporting you in learning and growing in your VO career.


For more information about Garden of Sound, please contact us through our website by clicking here e-mailing us or give us a call at 323-230-8249.