Podcasts & Talk Shows


Garden of Sound now provides a full Podcast and NPR Interview service! 



Sample Podcast recordings include:



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        Los Angeles Podcast                       




What it is an affordable, effective, and professional option available for all of your Podcast or interview needs. What we provide; is a controlled and acoustically treated room for the interviews to take place, a professional audio engineer, complete editing and mixing, and high quality equipment and audio. Guest’s are even able to call in for their interview via phone patch, and Skype!


*We off discounted rates to all podcast shows*


Pricing editing and mixing included

  • 1 Hour studio time = $175
  • 2 Hour studio time = $300
  • 3 Hour studio time = $400


  • All studio rates include sound engineer, edit, upload & transfer of files   *No additional charges or backup fees!
  • 1 hr minimum on all studio sessions
  • Includes snacks and refreshments for host & guests
  • Private back entrance for guests if needed
  • Full usage of the studio without other interuption
  • Upon request phone patch dial in.